A Corporate service to companies
seeking funding and preparing for flotation/IPO

A new form of crowdfunding

The RRR Concept

RRR is an investing company established by the management team of VSA Capital, an international investment banking and broking firm.

RRR provides the following services

to companies:

  • The provision of capital at short notice, whether in the form of debt, convertible loans or equity;
  • The provision of a broad shareholder base to companies to enable them to float on stock exchanges where a breadth of shareholders and liquidity are required

Provision of Funding

RRR will provide funding, often at short notice, quoted or listed companies, or those seeking pre-IPO funding. We will provide sums up to £100,000 off our own balance sheet, but working with our investment banking adviser, VSA Capital,(www.vsacapital.com) will also arrange
co-investors to support a transaction alongside RRR.

Our approach to funding is quite flexible. Previous transactions have included the provision of equity to support acquisition due diligence, bridging loan finance to complete a transaction, and invoice financing to cover short term cashflow requirements.


Enhance Shareholder Base

RRR has over 100 shareholders. For those companies seeking to broaden their shareholder base and seeking access to capital, RRR can provide a broad shareholder base and source further capital from its own shareholders alongside RRR. This informal crowdfunding capability, working alongside VSA Capital, can significantly enhance a Company’s prospects for IPO.

The Directors of RRR are also directors of VSA Capital, an international investment banking firm operating for growth companies throughout the world.